• Instantly text message with employees and coworkers in a secure work focused environment
  • Initiate calls with any group of coworkers or an entire department without needing dial-ins or passcodes
  • Share files and rest easy knowing the data and access to information is secure
  • Access real-time comprehensive communication analytics that strengthen your organization
  • Available across iOS, Android, and the Web




About Lua : Your HIPAA Compliant Messenger

Lua keeps staff connected at every moment and across all devices with HIPAA compliant texting and instant messaging. Each member of an organization can immediately and securely contact the right people, at the right time.

University of Louisville School of Dentistry uses Lua for HIPAA compliant communication between clinicians, faculty and dental students. See more customer stories.

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Keep your company connected at every moment and across all devices with instant messaging built for the enterprise. With Lua, each member of your company can immediately contact the right people, at the right time – securely.

We know that when you communicate with your team, information security is paramount. Stop using emails, consumer apps, and non-secure text messages for work focused conversations. Feel confident using Lua knowing that all connections are secured with 256-bit TLS encryption.

Top Organizations Stay Ahead With Lua's Mobile Messaging